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    Issues using Free Rental codes


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    Issues using Free Rental codes Empty Issues using Free Rental codes

    Post by mulox on Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:19 pm

    Those of you that purchase free rental codes, I wanted to recap the troubleshooting steps to follow if/when you run into any issues using a free code.

    As many of you know, Redbox continues to change their systems, which of course affects how the free rental codes can be used. PLEASE make sure you always following these rules when redeeming free rental codes to avoid any headaches and frustration!

    1. No matter which method you use (, Mobile App, or Kiosk) if you EVER get the error message "The code entered has already been used" - STOP! DO NOT attempt to enter that same code in your alternate accounts!
    2. The reason is that you will immediately "taint" all of your accounts, and they will no longer be able to use ANY codes, valid or not, even 25 cents off codes. Your account(s) will all be suspended for about 48 hours
    3. Instead, now take our single "tainted" account (the one you just got a "already used" error) and continue attempting the rest of the codes in your list, until fully exhausted.
    4. If you get a different error on any of them, such as a code that says "invalid" that is is actually a good code! The reason it does not work is that you "tainted" your account by trying too many "already used" codes (you only get 2 tries).

    For example, if you enter 2 "already used" codes on ANY Redbox account, Redbox now temporarily suspends your account for about 48 hours!
    Yes, this is crazy, but they are doing this to avoid code abuse. This has been going on since January actually, so nothing new.
    They throw you the "invalid" error, which is really confusing (and meant to be confusing of course).
    I just had this happen to me last week... tried 2 "already used" codes, and suspended my main account.
    I KEPT ON trying codes on my already suspended account until I got to one that said "invalid" and I knew that one was a good code.
    Then I went to my 2nd account and and entered the one "invalid" code and it worked (as it has many times before all year long)

    So if you have a 2nd/3rd account (always highly recommended anyway), you can always use any "invalid" codes

    Remember, if you get a "already used" error in the future, keep trying all of the codes on your main account
    If any of them say "invalid code" then you know those codes are good (just will not work on main account until suspension lifted)
    So you can then go and use all those invalid codes on a 2nd or 3rd account with no problem.
    NEVER attempt to try a code that says "already used" on your 2nd or 3rd accounts, as it serves NO purpose and will suspend all of your accounts!

    Hope that makes sense... please let me know if any questions, thanks!

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