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    Amazon Links Empty Amazon Links

    Post by barbeque on Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:32 pm

    Amazon links that may not be obvious from the Your Account level.

    Alexa Deals (tell Alexa No, then order from webpage with additional coupon and S&S discount)

    Alexa History & Recordings (Settings > History)


    Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading

    Free videos (only Movies show Runtime, some TV episodes, usually the first, are free for a limited time; 00-00 is price range in cents)

    Kindle First (do this later in the month when reviews are in)

    (Not really Amaz0n) LEGO Discounts

    No-Rush Credit Balance

    Subscribe & Save (main page is )

    Added 7/4:

    Read & Listen for $0 - Free this month (click on one of the scrolling banners)

    (Not Amaz0n/Audible-specific) Audiobook Offers

    Added 7/15:

    Audible Channels (from the link above)
    (Streaming only and through Audible app only, click on catalog link in post, then "Show" to see titles.)

    Press Releases (sometimes it's easier to just go to the source)

    Amaz0n likes to aggregate reviews for multiple products. To only see reviews for the one product you are looking at,
    click on "XXX customer reviews" right below product title, then the XXX under "Customer reviews".
    Click on "All formats" drop down, and select "Show only reviews for <one product>".

    Price history charts

    Added 7/22:

    Filler Item Finder

    Free Season 1 using Google sitesearch

    Use Voice Training in the Alexa app to improve speech recognition

    Added 8/1:

    Build an Alexa skill, earn perks like an Echo Dot. "Check back every month for new promotions."
    (Note that shows both "12 months free" and "always free" products.
    Your skill is likely to use only the "always free" products and be well within the free limits. Also see )

    To see all the products that a coupon on a product page is applicable to,
    right click on "Extra xxx Off Coupon" to "Copy link/shortcut address/location".
    Paste the link into a browser, delete from ? to the end, then Enter.

    Added 8/11:

    Kindle Trade-In for GC + $20 bonus
    (If you have a Pop-Up store (see below) nearby that takes trade-ins, consider using it. Less chance of your device being damaged during shipping or sitting under the sun on a shipping dock.)

    Added 8/27:

    Pop-Up store

    Amaz0n donates 0.5% eligible purchase (thanks forbin4040 and FutureDilemma)

    Prime Pantry: Buy 5 select items, get free shipping (thanks forbin4040)

    Videos you've watched (thanks IdrinkMolson)

    Coupons (thanks fivetalents)

    Exclusive Coupons for Prime Members (thanks fivetalents)

    Warehouse Deals (thanks fivetalents)

    Contact Customer Service (thanks fivetalents)

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