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    Redbox Code FAQ Empty Redbox Code FAQ

    Post by barbeque on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:47 pm

    ************************* FAQ - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS **************************************************

    Part 1 - Completely new to Redbox
    Part 2 - Requesting/Donating codes in this thread

    ************************* FAQ - PART 1 - NEW TO REDBOX  ***********************************************************


    Q1: I am completely new to Redbox... what is it, and where can I go to learn more about using it?
    A: Redbox Explained  

    Q2: What is the difference between promotional codes?
    A: There are 3 different categories as of today:
    Category   Limit   Where do you get these codes from? Frequency seen Typical Expiration Description/Examples
    Unique, one-time use codes 1 use only Emailed/texted to you from Redbox, or given from other members here in this forum or through the new code management system (see below for details) 1/week to daily 1 week to 45 days out An 8-digit code that can only be used once by anyone
    Public, shareable single-use codes 1 per credit card This forum or various websites. Not that common anymore. Have not seen this in months 1 week to 1 year Examples in the past include the code REDBOX or MOVIE for new users
    Public, shareable, multi-use 5 per credit card Emailed to you from Redbox or found on the RB Facebook page or in this forum 1/month Same day While you can use these 5 times per credit card, you must use them 1 at a time (5 separate checkouts).

    Q3: What time of day do all codes expire?
    A: All codes USED TO expire at midnight CST, but a recent change (Jan 2016?) has gone into effect making them expire at midnight LOCAL time, where you are currently located.  For those of you living on the east coast, the old "1am loophole" seems to be dead now.  

    Q4: Can I use XXXXXX code for Blu-ray movies?
    A: ALL movie codes work on Blu-ray movies. The only difference is that some codes (rarely on Blu-ray) give you the entire purchase free, whereas other codes (mostly) discount the rental price of a DVD, leaving you to pay the difference for the Blu-ray, which is around 30 cents, depending on your state tax.

    Q5: What is Play Pass?  Is it worth signing up for?
    A: Play Pass is Redbox's loyalty program which started October 2014, where you earn points for rentals to earn free movie nights.  This is really a no-brainer... you should definitely sign up, like right now!  Also NOTE: you are NOT automatically signed up for Playpass when a new account is created... you actually have to register for it!

    - You earn points even when you don't pay!  Yes that's right, you earn points on FREE rentals.  I am still scratching my head on that one...
    - You now earn DOUBLE points on all new releases from Tues-Sat that week they are released!  So rent just 5 movies for free using a code, and you just earned a play pass free rental!
    - My favorite benefit is that play pass credits cover the FULL cost of Blu-ray rentals!  Normally you have to pay a little bit extra using a standard ROGO/free code.  For this reason, I typically wait and rent all my Blu-ray rentals using these credits exclusively
    - As if that wasn't enough motivation, you also get free movies on your birthday every year

    Q5a: Is there any reason to NOT sign up for Play Pass?
    A: Well... some members that have 2nd and 3rd accounts (and more) only use their main account to rent movies on (and use playpass).  It doesn't make sense really (for most) to register playpass on secondary accounts, since they won't ever be used to rent anything.  However the biggest advantage we have seen recently is that non-playpass accounts tend to get more codes via email than playpass accounts, and it seems also more generous discounts (ex. free vs. 50 cents off).  That is the general pattern that most have seen recently, so keep that in mind if you decide to register additional accounts.

    Q6: Why am I getting this error message at the KIOSK?  "Sorry, the code you have entered is only valid at certain locations, and this isn't one of them."
    A: This is an example of Redbox using very poor word choice for error messages.  In this case "location" means online, mobile app, or kiosk... NOT Walgreens vs. CVS, etc.  So what this really means is that the code can only be used online or within the mobile app, and NOT at the kiosk "location".  Reserve online or in-app (for the same place) and it will work just fine.  If you are getting another kind of error and you are trying the kiosk, try online (see next question for full explanation).

    Q7: I am getting "Invalid code" error when I try to use my promo code ONLINE or on the MOBILE APP, and I KNOW the code is good... what's going on?
    A: Many members have reported this issue, which started appearing in January 2015. All that we know for certain is that something triggers putting your account into a temporary suspension status (typically 5-7 days) that prevents you from using ANY other codes online or in-app. The only known solutions are to:

    A) use another account
    B) use the code directly at the kiosk - this is the easiest workaround
    C) wait 5-7 days for the temp block to be lifted

    Here are the things we think can trigger the temporary block/suspension from being able to use ANY codes online/in-app:

    1. Having an account for over 1 year and being fairly active (Redbox always offers more incentives to newer members/accounts) AND
    2. Using too many codes over a short period of time (more than 5 in a week or less??)  AND/OR
    3. Having too many unused Playpass codes (6 or more) AND/OR
    4. Attempting to apply too many codes that have already expired (ex. you have a list of codes you are testing, because you don't know if they were used or not)

    Q8: Can I use a pre-paid card (ex. Visa/MC/Amex/Rebate/Gift card)?
    A: No. As of 3/1/2013, Redbox no longer accepts these cards, even if they are registered with your Name and zip (prior to this date, this used to work). I spoke with customer service and they said the only pre-paid cards that will work are ones backed by an actual bank (ex. Chase, Bank of America, etc.) which is NOT common unfortunately.

    A: In March 2016, Redbox officially killed 99% of all free promotion codes.  You can still find some online and sometimes through purchasing goods (ex. popcorn) but it is very rare now.  The only way to actually get these codes now is through a second-hand market that supplies these in bulk for a nominal fee.  You may sometimes see sellers (they come and go) on eBay listing free rental codes for 25-50 cents each - which is still not a bad deal compared to paying $1.50.  Per FW policies, members may not sell codes to each other.

    Q1: REQUESTING NON-FREE CODES, NEWBIES. I am new to this thread (or it's been awhile since last here) and this is my FIRST TIME requesting a code. What is the right way to request a code?
    A: FIRST TIME Requestors - if you are requesting a code, we have 2 very SIMPLE requirements:

    1. First, you must read this FAQ in it's entirety!
    If you ask questions that are already answered in the FAQ (proving you did not read it), you will be penalized (reduced code allowance or 24-hour suspension of benefits)
    If you fail to follow the rules outlined in the FAQ, your membership will be suspended (1 day up to several weeks, depending on severity and # of occurrences)

    2.  Next, you need to register as a member of this thread.  The registration process is very simple, 2-step process:
    1) Simply post a message in this thread stating you are new to the thread and would like to register
    2) You will get a private message (PM) from an Admin (Hope2k, mulox or other) asking you to reply with your email address
    3) Once you reply with your email, you are officially registered, that's it! (if you also requested a code, you will have that in 24 hours)
    IMPORTANT! Please make sure you have private messaging turned on in your profile, as well as email notifications turned on.  Standard turnaround time for codes is 24-hours. Please don't keep sending a message every hour or double-requesting by posting in the thread also... doing so will put you at the bottom of the request queue or possibly suspend your privileges for a couple of days.

    Q2: REQUESTING CODES, Registered Members. Now that I am a registered member, what is the right way to request a code?
    A: If you are a registered, member (meaning you posted and got your first code already), please ONLY use PM (Private Messages) to Hope2k going forward... do NOT post requests in the thread/forum
    If you ask questions that are already answered in the FAQ (proving you did not read it), you will be penalized (reduced code allowance or 24-hour suspension of benefits)
    If you fail to follow the rules outlined in the FAQ, your membership will be suspended (1 day up to several weeks, depending on severity and # of occurrences)

    Q3: HOW LONG DO I WAIT? What is the typical turnaround time I can expect on my code request?
    A: There is a 24-hour turnaround policy on code requests.  That means if you request a code, you will get it within 24 hours of posting in the forum or private messaging (PM) me.  This will not impact 99% of members, because now with the new system, everyone is able to plan ahead (for example, save up codes for this weekend).  The folks that will suffer are the ones that are standing in front of a kiosk and waiting for an instant code.  In many cases, if we are not busy, many will get their codes turned around in a few minutes to an hour or so.  The difference is that we are not committing to turning it around that fast every time.
    In the end, this is a free movie folks, it's not life or death. The key is to just plan, plan, plan ahead. There is an old saying that goes:  "Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part"

    Q3a: What is the ideal # of days to request codes in advance?
    A: Ideally codes should be requested between 2-3 days in advance from the time you are going to use them. That way, you are guaranteed to get them in time, since there is a 24-hour turnaround time. In addition, by not requesting them too far out, that ensures none are wasted, because we never know what tomorrow will bring in terms of promotions, multi-use codes, etc. Of course we always want to conserve donated codes and use multi-use first.  Therefore, the bare minimum lead time should be 24 hours and the maximum is 3 days (subject to change).

    Q4: GETTING CODES. I see that I can request codes here in this forum, but where else can I go to get free codes on my own?
    A: That is a GREAT question!  There are several ways, and it changes throughout the year, such as:

    1. The MOST important method is to create an account online at using your email address! You typically get 1 promo code sent to you per week.
    2. NEXT most important method is to join the Redbox Text Club, by sending SIGNUP to 727272.  You typically get 1 promo code sent to you per week.
    3. Repeat 1 and 2 with as many email/text accounts as you have to get an exponential amount of codes!
    4. Redbox Freebie Tab on Facebook  (have not seen much activity lately)
    5. Insider Redbox  WARNING: 99% of the codes on this site are no longer valid/relevant since Spring 2015
    6. Also various food manufacturers have had promotions in the past where they included free codes inside the packaging, such as Orville Popcorn and Dr. Pepper.

    AND the best part is... if you have extra codes left over that you will not use, DONATE them here (see rules/process below).  If you follow the process, you will earn credits that improve your ranking, which will help you later on when you want to get codes!  For information on REQUESTING CODES in this forum, read on...

    Q5: DONATING CODES. Ok, so I have some extra codes that I want to donate... what is the process? Do you want all types of codes?
    A: GREAT!  Donating is what keeps this system working, and you will earn credits for prizes like percent off coupons and also improve your Requestor rank, which helps you get more codes when you need them in the future!

    While we do want all codes to be shared, there is a process to follow on HOW and WHERE you send them:

    1. If the code is is for one of the following:  25 cents off, 50 cents off , please simply post those in the open thread here
    2. If the code is for any other type of discount (Ex. FREE, Rent One Get One free, $1 off, $1.25 off, etc.) please send a Private Message (PM) to Hope2k directly, where she will file it into the database and give you proper credit.  If you post these types of codes in the open thread, unfortunately you will NOT get any credit for the donation.
    3. The only EXCEPTION for donating codes via PM is if the code is expiring same day AND is after the cutoff time of 9pm Eastern Time).  So if it's after the cutoff time of 9pm, then please post it out in the open thread/forum (or not... or give a family member or friend).  If it's BEFORE 9pm EST, please continue sending the normal way, via PM to Hope2k

    *NOTE: As of Feb. 2016, Redbox made a change to ROGO codes. It used to be ROGO = free, in that you could rent a single movie to get it free. Now with the change, almost all ROGO codes are "true" ROGO, meaning you get an error message that requires you to add a 2nd movie to the cart in order to apply any discount.

    Q6: What exactly is this new code management system, and why was it implemented?
    A: This new code management system was implemented on 7/12/2015 by mulox with the support of tommythe and newyorker9015.  It was started because many members were frustrated at codes being posted openly in the forum, and others would use them without letting anyone else know. So the next 10-20 members would try to use that code, only to find out it's already been used... it's just that the user did not have the courtesy to post "code was used by me" in the forum.  It was suspected (but we cannot say for sure) that many "lurkers" (people who are not FW members, or are non-contributing members) were leeching the codes, since they cannot post without being a member. The new system was designed to reward valued FW members, eliminate the frustration of used codes, and it works like this:

      1. Donors who would otherwise post codes online, now send those codes directly to Hope2k via PM, where they are stored into a database (NOT all codes, see Q5 above for details)
      2. Hope2k will track donors, senior members, etc. and they will be given priority for distribution of codes in the future (see Q7 below for rank/member definitions)
      3. Also, donors will be given other rewards as they become available, such as coupons to popular stores
      4. Non-senior members who are non-donors will be limited in the # of codes given, at our discretion (see Q7 below for more info)

    The main benefit to this new distribution system is that valued members can now get more than 1 code, and they don't have to use it right away. Because of this, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you do NOT wait until you are standing in front of a kiosk to PM or post asking for a code!  You most likely will not get a fast enough response, as we are not always online sitting here waiting for you to message us (yes, we do have lives outside of FW).  Instead, plan ahead and send your request several days in advance, then store the code(s) on your phone/laptop/paper in your wallet, etc. and use at YOUR convenience.

    Q7: LIMITS and RANK DEFINITIONS. Can I get as many codes as I want?  What are member categories/ranks and why do you have them?
    A: No.  In order to be fair to all members who are requesting codes, we implemented a sliding scale, rewarding those who donate codes and/or more senior members.  This is also to prevent abuse by members who are not as active on FW or don't contribute/add as much value to FW or this RB thread.  The member ranks/categories are as follows:  

    Diamond     Donor Has donated many qualified codes, shows genuine interest in this thread, balanced give/take ratio
    Platinum Active Very active. Member for more than 1 year and is very active both on FW and in this thread. Has donated some codes.
    Gold Standard Average activity. Member for more than 1 year and fairly active on FW
    Silver Low Low activity on FW and/or member less than 1 yr
    Bronze Inactive New member, or extremely low activity. No FW badges, no donations

    The standing restriction for Bronze ("Inactive") members is a limit of 1 code every 48 hours, or up to 3-4 codes per week (depends on quantity remaining by end of the week)
    For Silver/Low members, the limit is 2 codes per 48 hours, and a limit of 5 codes per week max
    The "week" is rolling, so it starts from your last request, not by calendar week
    For all others, there is a fluctuating daily/weekly limitation per member and will vary depending on the following 3 factors COMBINED:
    Your rank AND the current distribution rate (found in weekly reports) AND the balance (# of codes left)
    If you want to learn how to improve your ranking, see the answer to the next question.

    Q8: What factors are the member categories based on? How do I improve my ranking?
    A: In order to be fair to all members who are requesting codes, we implemented a sliding scale, rewarding those who donate codes and/or more senior members.  This is also to prevent abuse by members who are not as active on FW or don't contribute/add as much value.  The new sliding scale is based on the following factors:  

      1. When the member joined FW (how many years)
      2. Overall level of activity, which is a combination of total posts and total badges earned
      3. Level of activity in this Redbox thread. Looking for valued contributions
      4. Number of qualified donations (varies based on value of donation, when/where given, etc.). Read on for more info...

    For example, Diamond level is not awarded automatically by simply donating 1-2 codes.  You have to be consistently donating year round, or else your rank will be downgraded. This is more likely to occur if you have been with FW for less than 1 year and have very few posts and/or badges.

    Bottom line, you can improve your ranking by becoming more involved in the forums (not just this thread), making valuable contributions (ex. money-saving ideas, sharing coupons), earning FW badges, and donating RB codes.

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    Redbox Code FAQ Empty Re: Redbox Code FAQ

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    Thanks for being proactive and copying the FAQ over! I like the cleaner look of this site, but I do miss having badges and especially the "rate" button....

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    Redbox Code FAQ Empty I see Green and Red Thumbs Up and Down icons

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    It takes you to another page for some reason after using the Green thumbs up, but there's a link to go back to the Topic or the Forum so not entirely annoying.

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    Redbox Code FAQ Empty Re: Redbox Code FAQ

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    Just spoke with Redbox, they no longer give Any Credits for rentals using Promo codes. Only points and rental are counted if you pay with credit card(s).

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    Redbox Code FAQ Empty Re: Redbox Code FAQ

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