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    Requsting code


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    Requsting code Empty Requsting code

    Post by Shia1201 on Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:45 am

    How do i go about requsting codes from Mulox? I need 4 codes as soon as possible?

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    Requsting code Empty Re: Requsting code

    Post by mulox on Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:07 pm

    Shia1201 wrote:How do i go about requsting codes from Mulox?  I need 4 codes as soon as possible?
    Hey Shia, welcome!

    First of all, for all those out there reading this and wondering... YES mulox is STILL doing the movie club codes on here!

    $1 - 4 credits for 2 weeks
    $2 - 8 credits for 4 weeks
    $3 - 12 credits for 6 weeks
    $4 - 16 credits for 8 weeks

    All you need to do is send me the money via Google Wallet (PM me first for that email)

    I will record your credits/balance for your RB account, along with expiration date

    As usual from before in Fatwallet... when you are ready to "cash in" some of your credits for free rental codes, just send me a PM in here with the following:

    I need XX number of codes with a target date of XXXX
    For example: I need 2 codes for target date of Tues 1/8

    That's it! Do NOT post your requests here on the message boards, because I will not get notified, so will have no way of knowing.

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